Personalised Wedding Hashtag

Personalised wedding hashtag – do you need one? That probably rather depends on how into social media you and your family and friends are.

Personalised wedding hashtags on social media

If you’re all on social media such as Instagram then getting everyone to use your own personalised hashtag is useful. It’s a great way of being able search for photos from your wedding. Your friends and family will no doubt take quite a few candid photos that your photographer won’t! Having them all searchable helps to view them afterwards.

Instagrammable spot

Why not set up an Instagrammable spot with a sign incorporated with your personalised wedding hashtag included?

personalised wedding hashtag have free wedding hashtag posters that you can use.

If you’re having a photobooth or a spot for photos you could have a sign for people to pose with.

Get creative!

Do your names make a good mashup? We all know about Brangelina and Jedward, what can you make of your names?

Be cheesey or cutesey!

Make a hashtag that’s fun and cute or cheesey, depending on your personal style.

Be straightforward

If you’re not into cheese or cuteness then something straighforward that does what it says on the tin is good!

Struggling for ideas?

If you’re struggling for ideas for your hashtag why not try a hashtag generator. There are plenty available such as this one from Shutterfly.

Use your personalised wedding hashtag from the start

Use your personalised wedding hashtag from the Save the Dates and Invitations to your wedding website. You could put it on all the on the day stationery such as menus and table cards. How about putting it on your favours if you’re having them? Getting it out there from the beginning will get it into your guests’ minds and they’re more likely to use it.

Happy Planning!

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