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There are some basics that you’ll need for your event, and we’ve worked with and know some great suppliers so I’ve put together a list here – scroll down for full list. You’re not limited to using suppliers from this list, but all suppliers must have relevant and adequate insurance as well as any necessary licences and certificates. Please run any suppliers that you want to use who are not on this list past me before booking them. Some suppliers offer a range of items so chat to them about what you need as it’s often easier to source from one place e.g. a marquee company can often help you to organise lighting and furniture as well as loos and a generator.

Marquee, Stretch Tent, Tipis etc – you’ll need some sort of cover either for shade from the sun or shelter from rain.

Toilets and showers – Trailer loos are a good option, and if guests are going to be camping then perhaps a second unit or some festival style loos for the campers. Trailer loos need electricity to operate so need to be factored in when ordering your generator. Festival style loos don’t need electricity to run and are more basic, I recommend solar powered lights for them for when it get’s dark! A shower unit is only really necessary if there are going to be people camping for more than one night, and need a water supply and electricity – please do let me know if you’re bringing in a shower unit as this will need to be taken into account when we decide where everything is going to be set up.

Generator – A generator will be necessary to power everything from the loos and catering to fairy lights and entertainment. We now have a 50kva generator on site, the cost of this is included in our packages. Should you require extra generators we have some companies listed here. 

Furniture – Tables, chairs, benches, perhaps straw bales for relaxed outdoor seating. 

Food and Drink – All catering suppliers must have relevant Food Hygiene certificates – you don’t want your wedding to be remembered for all the wrong reasons!

Temporary Event Notice (TEN) – This is obtained from Horsham District Council by whoever is responsible for supply and sale of alcohol, and must include cover for licensable activities such as amplified music. You can find information and apply here.