Online Wedding Gift List

Online Wedding Gift List – why have one?

More and more couples these days already live together before they get married. This means that they already have most of what they want for their home. The days of having a gift registry in one store are pretty much gone. I have recently become an affiliate partner with Prezola, a company I think you’ll love as much as I do. Here at Great Betley Farmhouse we don’t recommend any company that we don’t like. From suppliers for your wedding to your online wedding gift list, you need to be confident that they’re the best.

I like Prezola because you can have either a honeymoon fund/shopping list or a gift list, or a combination. Not that many years ago it was considered unacceptable, objectionable even, to request money instead of gifts. These days it is quite normal.


An online wedding gift list is a convenient way for shopping for your gifts. It makes it much easier for guests as it saves lugging potentially bulky items to your wedding. They also don’t have to schlepp around shops tofind and buy your gift. You just give your personal code to your guests and let them choose what they want to give. The value of items can be varied on the list. For those struggling with the cost of living this would be much appreciated.

My nephew and his wife used this for their wedding last year and it was so handy. It meant that I was able to choose, write a personal note, pay and then relax. I didn’t have to remember to take it with me to the wedding!


Having an online honeymoon fund means you can have all sorts of items that friends and family can contribute to. In addition to contributions to the honeymoon itself, you can list things such as excursions and experiences.

It also saves having to transport any gifts from the venue to your home. At the end of your wedding it’s one less thing to worry about and organise. Your gifts are delivered to your address at a time to suit you. This is especially useful if you’re going away on honeymoon straight away. How exciting to have a wonderful honeymoon and then to have a delivery of all your gifts!


If you request contributions from your guests and they bring it along on the day, an envelope is easy to misplace. With a reputable online company money is held in a secure account until it’s needed. This protects from fraud and ensures that the money is used for the intended purpose.


You can create an online wedding gift list that reflects your interests and travel style. Your guests are then choosing gifts that they know you will appreciate.

For your ‘Thank You’ cards/letters you can include a photo of you enjoying their gift. A photo of you both water skiing or enjoying cocktails on the beach is much more personal than just a generic ‘thank you for the money’.


Have an evening or two enjoying a cuppa or a glass of wine/beer and start browsing. It’s all part of the fun of planning your wedding!

£50 to spend on your online wedding gift list!

If you’d like £50 to spend on your online wedding gift list click here to go and check out Prezola. Say you were referred by an affiliate and use the voucher code: PZAMJMRUTSC

Happy spending!

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