Great Betley Farmhouse Photo credits:  Flowers:
  • The Jailer In my post The Dominator vs The Friend, I gave a precis of the different personas within the abusive personality. Today we look at The Jailer. From my time attending The Freedom Programme the book by Pat Craven,
  • Romance Fraud Romance fraud is on the increase, and it can cost vulnerable people money as well as knocking their confidence. Online dating websites are ideal hunting grounds for the perpetrators. The pandemic has resulted in people not having the
  • Styled Photo Shoots at Great Betley Farmhouse As I mentioned in my previous post, the pesky pandemic has put a downer on the wedding industry. However, it has also given me a chance to catch up on various tasks and
  • More 2020 Catching Up As things are still pretty rubbish at the moment I thought I’d show you some more 2020 catching up here. Outdoor Work The Pond Area The previous post about catching up during lockdown, I showed you
Great Betley Farmhouse

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